Getting Prepared

About this session:
Chrome extensions are created using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS but if you know nothing about coding, don't freak out. In this session, you will be provided all the files you need to get started with some basic Chrome extensions. You will also be provided links to resources to learn more if you want to create more customized extensions.

Why create your own extensions?
If you can't find an extension in the Chrome Web Store that provides the extra functionality you need, you will now have the power to make your own. It is also a great way for you (and your students) to get some hands-on programming experience. Extensions you create can be just used by you or shared with others. You can even submit them to the Chrome Web Store for others to download. 

What can you DO with a Chrome extension?
  • Interact with web pages
  • Control browser features
  • Add to the Chrome UI (User Interface)
  • Create options pages
  • Modify loaded pages
  • Add items to the contextual menu

What you need for this session:
You are going to need the following to get hands on with this session:
  • Google Chrome 
  • A copy of the shared Google Drive folder MakeExt saved to your computer. You may also want to add the shared folder to your Google Drive so you have a backup of the original files. The shared folder gives you all the files needed for the extensions we will create/edit. Here is a shortened URL if you need one: (if needed here is a zipped version).
  • A text editor - I will be using Google Chrome's DevTools (which is built into Chrome) as a text editor for this session. Note: A text editor is different from a word processor. You CANNOT use Google Docs or Word for this.
How we will learn:
The approach for this session will be to examine the provided code and learn how each part of an extension makes the magic happen. 

We will then edit the provided code to make the extension your own.

After the session:
If you want to take this knowledge further, you will want to check out the links provided in the Resources area of this site.

If you get inspired to submit an extension to the Chrome Web Store, please let me know so I can check it out and help spread the word.