How technology can be used to bring about meaningful success


In many professions there are clear moments where you can celebrate as a team –  moments where you can say, “We did it!”  “Finally, after all of that hard work!”  These moments bring satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and pride.  In education, finding distinct moments where as a class you can have the kind of celebration that comes at the end of a long and difficult journey are rare.  Luckily, with the increasing availability of impressive free (and sometimes for fee) technology tools it can be much easier to design, deliver, and assess instruction in such a way that teachers and their team of students can celebrate their success.  In this presentation, we will discuss what it takes to have a reason to celebrate and demonstrate how new and emerging tools such as Moodle, Wikis, Blogs, Google Docs, and other technology tools can make celebration a reality in your classroom.