Important Information
The first two days of each month is the best time to send in your decal designs. When you send in your decal designs or your decals make sure you give us the title of the decal and who it's made by so the decal will come up when people search for it. If you would like people to know the title of the decal and who it's made by you have to put that information on the image of the decal your selfIt will take one month for your decals to be displayed on Minifig Decals For You. For more information please read the following text below or watch the video on our home page. 

Create Your Own Lego Custom Clone made by Starkillerrock which is an awesome way to make design and share your own custom decals for your Lego figures. You can make a Clone Trooper / ARF Trooper / Snow Trooper.

Here’s how you do it.

First you click on what you would like to make then save the picture of the clone template to your computer, you then have fun designing your clone however you like. You can print the picture out and then colour it in and design it. You can then take a photo of your design to upload, scan the design into your computer or do your design on the computer. Once you have finished your design send it to this email address.

Your decals will be displayed on another Website called Minifig Decals For You the reason why we do this is so the Website does not run out of memory space You can go to Minifig Decals For You by clicking on this link. You and others will be able to get your decals there to send in your decal designs or your decals or to suggest decals to be made you don't have to be a Member but to send in Pictures and have your Videos on our YouTube Channel you do have to be a Member. 
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If you become a Member you can send in your Pictures to be displayed on our Facebook and Flickr also share your videos on our YouTube Channel and your Username we'll be on our Members Page.