Create Your Own Art Era

Outline of this Lesson
Review your knowledge of Art Eras you learned throughout the semester:
Prehistoric Art - Renaissance
Click on the "Review Your Knowledge" page below and answer the following questions provided.                                               
Mona Lisa

Click on the attached document below: "Create Your Art Era.doc" and use the guidelines and Guide Sheet to BEGIN the process of creating your Art Era. FIRST STEP: Creating an Outline of your Art Era. Your outline MUST include ideas for all the parts included in your GUIDE SHEET
*NOTE:  Use the information you gathered from PART ONE to begin the process of creating your Era.

Once you create your Outline, you are going to submit your Outline to Google Docs. I will then upload everyone's outlines in the page listed below: "Outline Review" 
NOTE :You are going to click the page listed below ("Outline Review") and follow the guidelines

The FINAL step is completing your project and submitting it to Google docs ALONG with images of the art you created by EACH of your Imagery Artists. I will upload your papers ALONG with the images of your art work. Click the listed page below: "Final Projects" 


Jean Wheeler,
Apr 18, 2012, 11:07 AM