CREATE Courageously is in the process of moving to Auburn, Washington.  Beginning January 1, 2018 we will no longer offer classes at the studio in Kent, WA.

WELCOME to CREATE Courageously!

At CREATE Courageously, we teach Mixed Media Art Classes.  We are a mobile-based art instruction company based out of Auburn, Washington.  We offer classes in textural painting, decoupage, paper crafting, printmaking, jewelry making, cake decorating, screen printing and more!   Art classes are taught by Renee Clark.  

Experience CREATE Courageously Art Courses.

Some people have a natural knack for being creative. But, the truth is, creativity is more often developed, rather than acquired naturally. Teaching you to make art is the heart of what we do at CREATE Courageously. We teach soul art. We teach healing art. We teach courageous art. We teach you to try new things, drop the fear of perfection, and reach outside of yourself to try something new.

We help you to find courage to create.

Through the process of making, doing, creating, you get to know yourself better. You discover who you want to be - who you need to be. Each class is jam-packed with a variety of techniques. The art you go home with will be unique to you and will be an expression of yourself. You will connect with your own creative spirit, and meet other creatives and makers.


Schedule one of our technique-based classes.  Each class is two hours long, with an additional 30-minute buffer after the class is over so you can have time to finish up your project.  Classes can be hosted at our location or at yours (a minimum of 4 paid students is required for any class to be held at your location).

The all-inclusive price for each technique-based class includes the following:
  • Instruction and technique recommendations/demonstrations by Renee Clark
  • Use of all tools that you need to complete the technique or create the project
  • The supplies you need to finish the technique or to create the project
  • You choose your colors & you can customize your design to make your creation uniquely your own.
Visit this page to see the complete list of current technique classes.


Gather a group of 4 or more friends and schedule one of our current Mixed Media Art Courses.  These courses are longer, but the skills you learn and the beautiful results are worth it.  You pick the day.  You pick the time.  You pick the location.  Learn more HERE.

Floral Affirmations


Paint and party with your friends during our NEW paint night classes!  Unleash your inner artist, enjoy some refreshments and explore your creativity.  You choose your own colors and add your own flair.  Paint Night classes are only $35.00.

Gather a group of 4 or more friends and we'll schedule your own paint night class on a date and at a location that works for you!

Our initial Paint Night class is called "Game Day."  This canvas is a mixed-media canvas that you will complete in one evening.

Renee Clark - Game Day


Do you enjoy creating, but don't necessarily need to keep the end result of your project? Have you considered donating your projects in-kind? Hospitals, in particular, can use projects that have been created by your loving hands. Chat with Renee and she'll be happy to help you brainstorm ideas for creating that perfect project to give.