punishment(s) & reward(s)

Following the idea of a self experiment about reward structures, we document the events here.

14.03: Jan gives Herjan 5 dolors.
    Reason: Not starting the queues and logistics homework although it's due...
14.03: Jan gives Herjan 4 hedons and 1 collecton.
    Reason: ...collecting opinions about the logo of our study association instead.
15.03: Siewart gives Siewart 3 dolors.
    Reason: Drinking to much, but not too much.
15.03: Siewart wants 1 collecton.
    Reason: By drinking less the people around him drink less too!
15.03: Siewart wants 1 hedon.
    Reason: For being decisive about the direction the intro committee should take.
15.03: Siewart wants 2 hedons.
    Reason: For being decisive about the Godzilla movie, even with most people being against it.