mission(s) & goal(s)

persuasive / game space(s) / procrastination(s)

With at this stage a relatively small group the track will pursue actual game development, as a (more or less) coherent theme, shared by the various courses.
  1. user tracking, updates via web services, replay (NM3)
  2. procedural content generation & (automated) story telling (NM4)
  3. actual (persuasive) game development,  target:[unknown] (NM5)
Our mission is to change the world, using serious game(s)
our goal is to develop game(s) that help achieve this, 
and in our vision (everything is) intertwinkled.

student project(s)

Given the small number of students (2011), the courses will be combined into a number of related projects, defined by the students, according to the interests and skill(s), to bw collected in planning & aspiration(s).
For conceptual issues raised by the students, see student contribution(s) The outcome of the project(s) will be collected in, respectively result(s) & achievement(s) and, as a repository of information for future use, the technology wiki(s).