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to join our brand new Work at Home Mom Groups!  

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You are going to love this free and simple new social networking site for's like Myspace for moms (without all of the 'junk' and spam). 

Stop in and join our WAHM Groups.

Local Groups - Become a Local Mom Advocate and help moms connect or just learn more about kids activities and events in your area. 

Direct Sales Swap and Shop - Stop in and trade (or sell) your products at our "Swap & Swap" trade group!  (You can even barter with moms for things like strollers, baby clothes and more!)  You are welcome to join us even if you don't have a formal direct selling business!

WAHM Friends - Network with other work-at-home moms and share photos, visit websites and learn more about new business opportunities.

Local Groups - You'll also have the opportunity to network with local moms! Enter your zipcode...and "wa-la" the site will help you connect with moms in your area for playgroups, local events, activities and more. 

E-mail me for your invitation and let me know what group you are interested in joining.  You are welcome to join as many as you'd like!

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