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  • Kwame Anthony Appiah -- The Ethics of Identity (amazon)
  • James H. Austin -- Zen-Brain Horizons: Toward a Living Zen (amazon)
  • Charles Bell -- The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression as Connected With the Fine Arts (amazon)
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  • Derek Beres -- Whole Motion: Training Your Brain and Body for Optimal Health (amazon)
  • Harald Blomberg -- The Rhythmic Movement Method: A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well-Being (amazon)
  • William J Broad -- The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards (amazon)
  • Don Campbell, Alex Doman -- Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives (amazon) [links]
  • Lily Chou -- The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga: Improve Flexibility, Balance and Strength for Higher Kicks, Faster Strikes, Smoother Throws, Safer Falls, and Stronger Stances (amazon)
  • Bernie Clark -- The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga (amazon)
  • Stephen Cope -- The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling (amazon)
  • David Coulter -- Anatomy of Hatha Yoga (amazon)
  • Ram Dass -- Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook (amazon)
  • Claire Dederer -- Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses (amazon) [R]
  • T. K. V. Desikachar -- The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice (amazon)
  • Julius Evola -- Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul (amazon)
  • Christine Felstead -- Yoga for Runners (amazon)
  • Georg Feuerstein -- The Yoga Tradition: It's History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice (amazon)
  • Georg Feuerstein -- Yoga Morality: Ancient Teachings at a Time of Global Crisis (amazon)
  • Georg Feuerstein -- The Psychology of Yoga: Integrating Eastern and Western Approaches for Understanding the Mind (amazon)
  • Georg Feuerstein -- Yoga Gems: A Treasury of Practical and Spiritual Wisdom from Ancient and Modern Masters (amazon)
  • Robert H. Frank -- Luxury Fever: Why Money Fails to Satisfy In An Era of Excess (amazon)
  • Shaun Gallagher -- How the Body Shapes the Mind (amazon)
  • Sharon Gannon, David Life -- The Art of Yoga (amazon)
  • Sharon Gannon, David Life -- Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul (amazon)
  • Sharon Gannon, David Life -- Yoga Assists: A Complete Visual and Inspirational Guide to Yoga Asana Assists (amazon)
  • Karen Gibbons -- Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy: Yoga, Art, and the Use of Intention (amazon)
  • J. Glenn Gray -- The Warriors: Reflections on Men in Battle (amazon)
  • Jonathan Haidt -- The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom (amazon)
  • Michael Harris -- The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection (amazon)
  • Sam Harris -- Waking Up: Searching for Spirituality Without Religion (amazon)
  • Gertrud Hirschi -- Mudras: Yoga In Your Hands (amazon)
  • John Horgan -- Rational Mysticism: Spirituality Meets Science in the Search for Enlightenment (amazon)
  • Chungliang Al Huang -- Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain: The Essence of Tai Ji (amazon)
  • Chungliang Al Huang -- Essential Tai Ji (amazon)
  • Chungliang Al Huang -- Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookies in Crisis (amazon)
  • Arianna Huffington -- The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time (amazon)
  • James Davison Hunter -- The Death of Character: Moral Education in an Age Without Good or Evil (amazon)
  • B. K. S. Iyengar -- Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika (amazon) [PDF]
  • Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews -- Yoga Anatomy (amazon)
  • Jason Kelly -- Sweat Equity: Inside the New Economy of Mind and Body (amazon)
  • Robin Kelly -- The Human Hologram: Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field (amazon)
  • Gary Kraftsow -- Yoga for Transformation: Ancient Teachings and Practices for Healing the Body, Mind, and Heart (amazon)
  • Mark R. Leary -- The Curse of the Self: Self-Awareness, Egotism, and the Quality of Human Life (amazon)
  • Joseph LeDoux -- Anxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety (amazon)
  • Albert Low -- Working with Koans in Zen Buddhism (amazon)
  • Darren Main -- Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic (amazon)
  • Michael Maliszewski -- Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts (amazon)
  • Timothy McCall -- Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing (amazon)
  • William Hardy McNeill -- Keeping Together in Time (amazon)
  • Thomas Metzinger -- The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self (amazon)
  • Jordan Metzl -- The Exercise Cure: A doctor's all-natural, no-pill prescription for better health and longer life (amazon)
  • Shi Yan Ming -- The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior's Way (amazon)
  • Steven Mithen -- The Prehistory of the Mind: A Search for the Origins of Art, Religion and Science (amazon)
  • A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan, Ganesh Mohan, Nitya Mohan -- Yoga Therapy: A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Yoga and Ayurveda for Health and Fitness (amazon)
  • John Napier -- Hands (amazon)
  • Linda Novick -- The Painting Path: Embodying Spiritual Discovery through Yoga, Brush and Color (amazon)
  • Jeannie Page -- The Yoga Diaries: Stories of Transformation Through Yoga (amazon)
  • Sri K. Pattabhi Jois -- Yoga Mala: Original Teachings of Ashtanga Yoga (amazon)
  • John Philp -- Yoga Inc: A Journey Through The Big Business Of Yoga (amazon)
  • Sarah Powers -- Insight Yoga: An Innovative Synthesis of Traditional Yoga, Meditation, and Eastern Approaches to Healing and Well-Being (amazon)
  • Michael Puett, Christine Gross-Loh -- The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything (amazon)
  • John J. Ratey, Richard Manning -- Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization (amazon)
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  • Camilo Sanchez -- Daoist Meridian Yoga: Activating the Twelve Pathways for Energy Balance and Healing (amazon)
  • Swami Satyananda Saraswati -- Dynamics Of Yoga (amazon)
  • Katsuki Sekida -- Zen Training: Methods and Philosophy (amazon)
  • Eva M. Selhub, Alan C. Logan -- Your Brain on Nature: The Science of Nature's Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality (amazon)
  • Soiku Shigematsu -- A Zen Harvest (amazon)
  • Swami Sivananda Radha -- Kundalini: Yoga For The West (amazon)
  • Jennifer Smith Maguire -- Fit for Consumption: Sociology and the Business of Fitness (amazon)
  • Michael Smolensky, Lynne Lamberg -- The Body Clock Guide to Better Health: How to Use your Body's Natural Clock to Fight Illness and Achieve Maximum Health (amazon)
  • Robert Sohl, Audrey Carr (eds.) -- Games Zen Masters Play: Writings of R.H.Blyth (amazon)
  • Max Strom -- A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master's Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing (amazon)
  • Evan Thompson -- Waking, Dreaming, Being: Self and Consciousness in Neuroscience, Meditation, and Philosophy (amazon)
  • Eckhart Tolle -- The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (amazon)
  • Alan W. Watts -- The Way of Zen (amazon)
  • Alan W. Watts -- Tao: The Watercourse Way (amazon)
  • Andrew Weil -- Spontaneous Healing (amazon)
  • T. S. Wiley, Bent Formby -- Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival (amazon)
  • Frank R. Wilson -- The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture (amazon)
  • Robert Wright -- The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology (amazon)
  • Koun Yamada -- The Gateless Gate: The Classic Book of Zen Koans (amazon)

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