The Thirteen Commandments

       1.      Copy-pasting is cool

2.      Ye shall put your own name under copy-pasted content

3.      Ye shall do something, no matter what. It's always good

4.      Honor The cloud / Google

5.      Strange videos are the best way of obtaining inspiration

5.1.   Strange videos are even more cool if they're being played in the background of a strange website

6.      To make a lot of content easier accessible, ye make a strange website with a lot of layers, which falls apart

7.      Making a presentation together won't work, but it will deliver some nice random moments

8.      Ye don't need teachers, when necessary they can go on holidays for a couple of weeks or give you a book which is written by them

9.      Convince the other people that your work is useful

9.1.   Ye can earn extra credits if ye do this by playing games on a big screen

10.  Sarah is to be used for all promotional content

11.  Human factors is most nonsense subject you can ever have ( we hope )

12.  Ye shall play the techno-drama to discover how everything works

13.  The highest mark you can obtain is a 13

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