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Green Screen

Green Screen Video iPad Apps:

  1. Green Screen by Do Ink ($4)
  2. Veescope Live ($3)
  3. Do Ink Animation & Drawing ($5) with iMovie for Mac OS X (see this post by @fuglefun
  4. Tellagami (free) with Explain Everything ($3)

Green Screen Workshop with RETN

Sample video created in our workshop with and Do Ink ($5) and Green Screen by Do Ink ($4)

More Posts about Green Screen Videos Using Apps 

More Posts about Green Screen Videos using Apps
  1. On the Front of a Wheaties Box (July 2014 by @fuglefun
  2. Green Screen Appventures 2014 (June 2014 by @debatchison)
  3. Why & How to Green Screen in class (Apr 2014 by @iPadWells)
  4. Green Screen AppSmashing (Nov 2013 by @gregkulowiec - using Tellagami & Explain Everything)
  5. Using Doink and Green Screen in iMovie (Nov 2012 by @fuglefun

Creative Digital Projects that put STEAM in STEM from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

Also 1 hour video archived class: Creating on iPads Free Online Class by @fuglefun 

Green Screen with iMovie for Mac OS X

    1. It's Not Christina's World Anymore (July 2012 by @fuglefun)
    2. What Makes You SCREAM? (Oct 2012 by @fuglefun) 

    Green Screen in the Cloud with WeVideo 

    Video production (with Green Screen capabilities on premium subscription) available on Chromebooks or any computer using browser)
    works with iOS or Android App - *the Apps don't do the Green Screen,  but can be used with your WeVideo subscription to create Green Screen.
    1. WeVideo Gets Chroma Key 
    2. WeVideo Academy
    3. We Video for Schools
    4. We Video For  Education 
    5. Fill out this form to get your subscription to We Video Premium Subscription as part of Create Make Learn summer course

    Green Screen ordered for this class 

    1. Fancier Chromakey Green Screen Kit 1000 Watt Video Lighting Kit Photo Studio Kit Umbrella Softbox Kit
    2. iPad mounts  and Tripods from American Recorder
    3. iRig Microphones