About Sandra

Personal history:

Sandra Ann Jobling (nee Close), B.A majoring in Literature and Australian Studies; B. Theol; Dip of Ministry; Grad. Dip. Theol.  I grew up in West Heidelberg (Melbourne, Australia) during the 50s & 60s. Times were pretty tough for our family after the war. Mum sewed evenings to help pay the bills. Dad left when I was seven, and Mum brought four children up on her own. Our time set in amongst concrete rows of housing commission houses was made bearable by our holidays at Portarlington. My grandparents had a cottage up the top of a hill. On blustery days the wind whistled through the house but we didn't mind. We rugged up in wool jumpers; Nanna kept the kitchen warm with a combustion oven. Being a baby boomer I experienced the fear of the Cold War, the protests against the Vietnam War, and the fear that my two older brothers would be conscripted. It was a time of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Mumma Cass and the Carpenters. There was an innocence built on fear--we knew very little about 'gay' people and it was unheard of for someone to be bisexual.

At times, we took the stage along with Nancy Sinatra as she sang Those Boots Are Made For Walking.  We thought anything was possible, and we believed Helen Reddy when she belted out the tune, I am Woman. School consisted of learning to cook and dust with a bit of the fundamentals thrown in the pot. Due to my family's financial situation I left school in what is now known as year 10. I made a  junior, female wage which didn't pay a rent. But we were care-free. We lived life for now.


  • Work in progress: 'Nellie'. 'Nellie' is a novel set in Carlton in the year 2012. Nellie overcomes, suffering, lies and evil to be with the man she loves. Another novel in progress is, 'Fanny Close' which is an historical mystery/murder set in Melbourne in 1891.