Sandra's Art

Recently I have begun working in the visual arts. I've always kept an interest in the field but have only had time for writing. However, after a long stint away from the fine arts, I have found my way back to it. The visual arts are a labour of love. Moving paint around on canvas and letting my imagination take hold, grow and create whatever the mind sees, is a process that takes me away from the stresses and busyness of life. Create and build is what we are all meant to do. In the visual arts, compared to writing, it's wonderful, a kind of miracle, to see immediate results which is quite different to writing. For me writing is a very controlled medium and one that has its own play. Writing is more a place of introversion, whereas visual art enables the extrovert in me to come out.

The paintings above are from my Queenscliff Exhibition, June, 2015.

I am looking forward to experimenting in oils, acrylic and mixed mediums.  I particularly enjoyed my experiment in couture for the Exhibition and will have fun exploring women and dress. Below is my work "Dressing Up". Mixed Medium. I went for the sexy look here with a slightly see through 1920s evening gown. I am working on having more animation in my models. I'll post some experiments as they come to hand.