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1891 flood Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.
Original Source, La Trobe Library

Currently researching Melbourne, Australia, in the 1890s and early 1900s.

Subjects include:
  • Women's suffragette movement:
    • The Women's Suffrage Petition with 30,000 signatures was presented to the Victorian Parliament in 1891.
      There are two signatures with the surname Close (my maiden name) in the document below, and I believe another Close can be found in the petition.
  • Chinese in Melbourne 1901:
    • Around 7,500 Chinese lived in Victoria, (national pop 33,000). One in three Chinese lived in the ‘Chinese Quarter of ‘Little Bourke Street’. Four in ten were in the prime working age groups of 15-40 years of age.  More than one in ten were children. The female population made up eight per cent of the whole.
    • Occupations:
    •  medicos
    •  law clerks
    •  professionals
    • domestic service
    • commerce
    • transport
    • furniture making - furniture factories extended to Lonsdale St, Little Lonsdale St and bordering areas.
    • manufacturing
    • Diversity of occupations reveals the rich heritage the Chinese' Community has added to the Australian way of life.
  • Little Bourke Street:
Little Bourke St in the early 1890s was the home of many Chinese immigrants and Chinese Australians. Chinese furniture makers set up businesses along the street. Many were looking to make money to send home to their families. Times were tough, particularly for the Chinese community. Many never saw their homeland again.
  • Maritime strike 1890
  • Police strike
  • Carlton
  • Squizzy Taylor

Fascinating photos of London poverty from the 1800s:

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