Bull Arabs - My Aussie Dog

Our Bull Arab is a big lap dog. She loves to sleep-in, eat good food and to go for long runs at the beach.
Unfortunately she is a bit stubborn and she knows it - often teasing us with a big grin before doing what is asked - like moving over on the bed. And she doesn't like to be left out of the fun -

Missy exploring the beach. She is fascinated by the water and looks to find small objects to pick out. In winter she forgets about the cold when there is something to explore under-water.
But at home she is like this:

or this
or this
As you can see she is a very good sleeper.

Bull Arabs Are Gentle Pets.
Originally Bull Arabs were bred for hunting purposes but they have found their way into the hearts of many families as loving companion dogs. Many of these dogs will live happily side by side with cats and other small animals. Of course, like any other dog, they need to be treated with respect and love. In return these dogs will open their hearts and be kind, loyal and gentle family members.

They are a relaxed dog that has lots of confidence, often a quirky sense of humour and will relax when you relax and play when you are active. They enjoy a daily walk and a good run to stretch their legs and keep their muscles strong.
A tendency is for them to be giant lap dogs. They appreciate cuddles and aren't shy. If you enjoy big hugs, giant lap dogs and good companionship then a Bull Arab might be right for you.

Please see the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/BullArabsThePawfectCompanion/