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What Are Interactive Prayer Stations?


Let me tell you about what the Lord did for me.  A number of years ago a friend of mine was volunteering at the United Methodist Church international conference in Pittsburgh.  She called me and told me I needed to come down to the convention center and see the prayer room they had set up there.  With some skepticism, I did.  I was overwhelmed almost immediately.  The large room was divided into several parts.  One section was set up for corporate prayer and worship, with a platform for speakers and instruments and chairs for people to congregate.  One section was a wall with prayer requests tacked onto it.  And one section was filled with interactive prayer stations.  This was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  They were divided by curtain partitions and each one had a specific prayer theme, like prayer for the nations or repentance or the Presence of God.  Each one was a physical representation of the theme, with an action or activity you were invited to do to enact your prayer.  For instance, there was a station to acknowledge broken areas in your life.  It consisted of a display of a variety of pottery, both beautiful and ordinary.  The reminder that He is the Potter and we are the clay was unmistakable.  To allow the Lord to release you from your brokenness, the prayer involved writing that brokenness on a shard of a clay pot and smashing it with a hammer.  It was so powerful!


There were many other stations and the Lord used them for a dramatic encounter with me.  And in the midst of that experience, I heard His call to go out and create these kinds of stations for others.  I now have several stations prepared and He is always giving me ideas for more.  These prayer stations can be used together with “Created To Worship” or set up as a prayer experience on their own.


Testimonies from Prayer Stations

"Thanks so much for appealing to people with a multisensory worship style.  It's refreshing to meet the Lord this way!  ("this" = creative)"

"Most Amazing Experience!...I entered with my heart full of hatred and bitterness and came out with a heart full of joy!"

"Felt the presence of the Lord when I walked into the room.  Very moving worship experience."

"Thank you for using your creative gifts and inviting us to enter into worship using our creative gifts.  This rocks!"

"Walked in cynical and businesslike - am leaving drawn, overwhelmed, prepared to return!"

"Wonderful work - love in its finest form - through creation - thanks."

"Very powerful - a place set aside to praise and adore in awe of Him; to seek mercy and forgiveness and to be reminded of His incredible gift to us - freedom!"


The Throne of the Lord



Be consumed with His FIRE! 


The Bride 


Spiritual Warfare (the full armor of God)


Jesus, the King, is coming! 



Prayer room at SE PA Aglow conference  2008





Glory Tent


Prayer Room at Snowflake Gala 2009




Mellinger's Lutheran Prayer and Praise service


A walk through the Lord's Prayer


Mellingers Tent Gathering

Day one - Hunger for God

Day two - Surrender

Day three - Gratitude

Receive a new name!

Leave your burdens at the cross...

The Armor of God

Shoes of the gospel of peace

The belt of truth

The helmet of salvation

The breastplate of righteousness

The sword of the Spirit

The shield of faith

Victorious in Christ!