This website tracks the research and tasks related to yard work planned for spring and summer 2013. It includes an interactive section (blog) for use by consultants and others chosen to add their comments. Permission required. 

My only experience at this was mostly a failure, so this time I'll get the professional help I could not find for my place up north. 

In December 2011 I moved into a Victorian house in Northville, Michigan. The town is small so I walk everywhere - to the library, the city hall, and Main Street shops. I'm lucky to live in this old-fashioned town in one of  its vintage houses.

I even have my own little woods, complete with a few deer who thought I grew flowers just for them until I discovered "liquid fence". I cut grass, water flowers, rake leaves, and pick up black walnuts which I share with the squirrels. 

2013 is the year to choose the right plants and grass for this environment. Between the poor soil, huge trees and odd remnants of concrete there's a lot to do. I cannot do basic grounds preparation, but I will care for plants and grass after bulldozing, black dirt coverage, seeding, and planting.

This will be a never-ending project to which I'll devote my energies and enthusiasm for  years to come.   

Update: May 3, 2014 

Summer is late this year and some of the plants have suffered. But I'm determined to make something of the yard on my own. I cleaned up many remaining leaves and worked on the bare area between the garage and the yellow cottage. I bought 5 heather shrubs to plant there (one in the ground, the rest waiting), relocated some day lilies there, and sowed cleome seeds which have just sprouted. I will plant ornamental grass there in mid-May. 

Update: July 17, 2013

Sometime in May I stopped hearing from Kim. My email updates received no response. However, as often happens, this turned out to be an advantage because: 

  • I am pleased with the lawn care service she recommended: Weed Man, and 
  • Daughter Catherine visited for intensive planning and implementation which included pruning, weeding and planting. 
With Weed Man's regular applications, Catherine's work and guidance, regular watering, and my new lawn mower I have all the work I can handle. Results are good and I avoided the cost of the professional planner.  

September 7, 2013 - Looking Back on the Summer

It's been a pretty good summer in the yard. Even the weather cooperated with plenty of rain and generally moderate temperatures. The lawn earned its name as grass competed successfully with weeds. The power mower made a big difference, and the ruthless pruning paid off handsomely. I also relocated more myrtle from the site of the demolished cottage and it's thriving. 

Now it's time to harvest black walnuts and mulch falling leaves.  I'm lready looking forward to next summer.