Importance Of Create An App For Your Business

The mobile applications market continues to grow. There are many companies that do not want to pass up the opportunity to join this business and create an application that responds to their needs. However, most are unaware of what types of mobile applications exist and which one is best for them. Read today create an app without coding for free.

What Studies Say?

According to a recent eBay study, only 26% of US SMEs have an application or mobile website optimized for mobile devices that serve as complementary channels to boost their online business. The study also adds that only 8.1% of SMEs plan to implement improvements in these sales channels in the coming months. Another of the conclusions of the study is that 55.2% of SMEs do not believe that a mobile application is vital in the growth of their business, compared to 44.6% of the respondents who do consider it a key element.

Create An App Benefits For SMEs

With this scenario and so much talk about digital transformation, today, without a doubt, having an app brings more benefits for SMEs in order to get more customers, offer more services and loyalty to the ones you already have. Therefore, the effort to create an app without coding for free is worth it.

Loyalty is crucial in the online world. With your business app unloaded at your terminals, your customers will be able to access your products and services more easily, which will improve and increase loyalty. And if we talk about filling out a form, the process is simplified quite easily from a terminal, without having to fill out paperwork or sitting in front of the computer.

Accessing A Service - There are big differences between accessing a service through a web-app or doing it through a native app. The performance of an app has been always much better than that of a web-app.

Notifications - In addition, in the apps you have notifications that notify your customers of news, promotions or anything you want to inform them, something that you cannot do on a website. According to the number of downloads that there are applications today, it is clear that the apps have more pull. It is easier to request a service through a button than to telephone or have to send an email.

Stay Up To Date - One of the main advantages or benefits is to stay up to date and get on the train of digital transformation. It is a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Also, more and more devices, such as smartwatches or connected TV, are synchronized with the app.

Connect to internet - And without talking about that with an app, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet, whereas if we connect to a web through our Smartphone, we necessarily need an internet connection.

If we talk about having B2E apps (application for employees), we would not only be improving the service of our customers or consumers, but also of our employees, offering them a tool that allows them to connect from anywhere and at any time.

How To Create An App Without Coding And Make Money?

It is impossible to deny the current power of mobile telephony, as smartphones, mobile devices and tablets came here to stay. After all, these devices are the most compatible with the current solution of our lifestyle, whether you are on the street or in constant movement, you will always be connected, no matter the time or the place.

With the mobile arrived applications, the diversity that exists is incredible, since there are applications of information, for entertainment, for communication and even for productivity at work, among several other categories.

Monetize The Use Of App Ads

You can use an application as a vehicle for ad campaigns, as this is a concept similar to the ads you usually see on websites, the potential of this type of marketing really high.

Create An App Without Coding

Google AdMob

You can see that Google AdMob is more feasible if you want to get the economic benefits of an application through the use of ads, so the question remains How? This is where Google AdMob comes in, as this is an incredible Google tool that is intended precisely to create ads, and then distribute them in a network of people affiliated with your applications, so you can:

·         Monetize: When placing ads in your app.

·         Promote: When creating your own ads to place them in different applications, it is important to note that AdMob only promotes the applications.

Google AdMob is available for the top 2 mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

Recent research has shown that estimates indicate that in 2018 the ads in the applications will have the same or even higher proportions to the current ads in mobile browsers. This type of prediction really makes sense because users choose to use the applications rather than using mobile sites. A good example of this is the applications of Internet banking, as they are easier to see and navigate than through the bank's website. Once users are migrating to applications and also to advertising, it is possible to find tools that are intended to allow the development of ads.

MobiRoller is an innovative and useful mobile platform that enables anyone to create an app without coding for free and make money with them. All the apps are native and friendly with Android and iOS.

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