Urban Mayhem

This group consists of Christopher Biniasch (Wiki-Page), Nick Byerly (Wiki-Page), Sven Dekker (Wiki-Page), Sharah Arifin (Wiki-Page).

Our group is about the (Un/)Safety of our environment.

Here you can follow us on our homepage for a quick preview or things that were inspiring us: -> CLICK HERE

Here is the first preview released just for you. Watch and Enjoy it!!

Actually we created a mind map with some ideas for the safety and dangerious aspect.
On the "danger"-side there are tings like crimes, traffic accidents (with cars, plains, trains, predestrians), demolition, gangs, mass panic (e.g. last Love Parade, terroristic attcks, earthquakes).
We just decided to get some videomaterial about big cities which are way to crowded and where are accidents, people committing crimes and things like that part of everyday life. 
In our opinion this is a very fitting idea to show the aspect of the danger in our world which means altogether the progressive urbanization.

For the "safety"-side there are aspects like police, traffic control, army, GPS, video surveillance, laws, firemen, disaster scenario plans.

That´s in total all about the Urban Environment and its both sides.

The interactive video will be about contrasts of safety and unsecurity and maybe how to improve the existing system. Maybe with the help of technology maybe with other ideas.

you can watch our promotional video here, have fun

Christopher Biniasch,
27 Sep 2010, 02:03
Christopher Biniasch,
14 Sep 2010, 13:03