group members: Christian Zehnter, Patrick Rendschmidt,  Sabrina Stocker, Thijs de Haan, Thomas Gerling

this is our "real" homepage


our ideas for the interactive video:

maybe someone should start...
Ok my idea was, that we show a normal day, you got up, go to the bathroom and then you can make decisions,
do you want to take a bath or a shower?
And this goes to the hole day...
Everytime when you make a decision, you can make an ecological one or not.
When you make a good choice you get a reward, if you make a bad choice, something evil happens...
The first idea to show the conclusion of your choices was to have a pet, which you should protect and by doing bas choices the
pet gets crazy or ill or something like that...

But maybe we should do something crazy like our presentation today?

I just uploaded  our powerpoint presentation! Have fun!
I think it would be nice if we could just make the video as crazy as our presentation today. I will collect some ideas =)

I attached a storyboard... Please take a look at it and tell me, wheater you like it, or not, or what we could make better.

more ideas:
- The video starts in a world that is nearly completely destroyed due to climate changes (much more than in real life) but the viewer of the video then has the chance to save the world (as the only person => superhero). To achieve that he has to make various good choices throughout the video, but also has to solve some quizzes (can be done using ximpel). If the viewer makes the right choices he will successfully rescue the world.

hello together,
once again, for all groupmembers: tomorrow at 11 o'clock, we will meet at sabrina's coffee lounge, i think. i hope sabrina will tell us the way ;)

I attached a suggestion for a possible logo for our project. We can discuss what we want change tomorrow

We will meet at 10 o'clock at the Smart XP lab! Thijs will be away at 11 o'clock but then join us again

we will be later because we didn't know

Hey babes,
firstly the adress of our new climate page:
We've got our own climate ftp-user and access to another server, I'll send you information about the login by mail.
We're going to work on theme and content this evening. I will post it, when we have updates ;)

And i hope you won't kill me, I changed the colours of your posts because it was really hard to read :D

I attached the storyboard... If you write the descriptipn of story (or some more ideas for this sequence) and ideas how we could make it, please use the numbers from the storyboard, so we direktly know, about what part you are talking.
Have fun by comlete the story....

I just received a mail from Alfred that we can get the camera on the dates we need it.

That is nice, so we just need to write some details to the storyboard, so we can imagine what to film tomorrow...And what we need for that and so on....Maybe we should begin with number 2, 7, 11 (12,13) and 15, because this are the things we can film tomorrow at the campus...

2.the goverment meeting... Maybe we can use the the room above the Smart XP lap... (We also need a room for the meeting of the evil corporation, maybe we will ask for the room, where Thomas and I have the toutoring, its in the silverling on the 3th floor...) What we even need are business clothes... Everyone should bring some for himself...
We also need a powerpoint presentation about the mission, should we play it while filming, or will we cut it in later????
The good president should wear some special things, that we see his importance... (He shouldn´t look simular to us- I think)
And what will we say??? Are we goning to improvise or do we need a script???

7. We need a big rubbish bag... Should we throw it in the sea? If yes, we need a rope and something, that it goes down...
If we decide to lay it only in the wood, we can also make a picture, that make a video...

11. (12,13) I hope that we can film at the hotel, it would make things easier... Should a secretary pick him up from the hotel room? I think we don`t need something (than the buisnessclothes) for thin scene... I think there is even not a script needed, because it wouls only be one sentence... "You are expected"

15. We need a big carton and spiritus and a place where we can burn it down... There is a fireplace next to my appartment, I think it would be ok, when someone asks, we will tell them, that we need it for a assignment...
Or should we use a video form youtube??

I think, i will be the good president? There may be a problem, because I don't have any clothes for this role in Gronau ;)

2. Cutting in a presentation is too difficult and makes no sense, I think.

7. I think it's enough just to throw the bag in a wood ;)

11. Someone should ask at the hotel on the campus.

15. I've got 2, but they are not very big
Using videos from youtube isn't that good imho. And it's fun to burn down your appartment!

To my mind, until tomorrow there won't be enough time to clear all these things, make the storyline, get clothes etc. We really shoult split the things to do, so everyone is responsible to one thing. What do you think?

I think we should shoot the second scene on a different day, so we can all bring "business clothes". Shooting 7/11/15 tomorrow will probably take much longer than we expect. I would suggest that we shoot 15 and 7 tomorrow and ask at the hotel if it would be possible to shoot there but not necessarily tomorrow.

15. I think it is a very bad idea to burn down my appartement! But maybe we do it with a carton ;) I have one...

7. I thinkt too it also works, if we trow Thomas in the wood...

I just tried to upload the video. But I don't see it, do you?

Me neither. Maybe youtube works!

No I can`t see anything...
Does someone of you have to be present tomorrow? Then this one could ask Gerrit for 2 meetingrooms... (Maybe the one on top of the Smart XP an an other one... We need this rooms for monday after We Create Identity...)

For the video that should be running on my pc when I am asleep. How about that:  found it on youtube. Thought it kind of fitted

Our video on youtube:

Youtube told me that the video is private and so I´m not able to see it.... :(
I like the clip, which should be played, when the protagonist is sleeping.
Maybe we also need something for the meeting of the evil guys... Maybe a map works and then the evil-boss tells the protagonist where the climate-changeing-machine is, because he has to destroy it.
Does anyone have a big map???
If you sent me the foto from today, I will make the newspaper´s page...

So we meet tomorrow at 10 am to film the stuff in the meetingrooms and the hotel, so please bring your clothes tomorrow.
And please tell it to Thijs (if someone of you see this befor Thijs himself), because we haven`t tell him the changed plan until now...

You should be able to see the video now.
One little problem: I have no idea what hotel it is and where it is. Could you tell me or SMS me? I can't SMS of call back becouse I'm out of credit. Or do we meet at Zilverling? What Changed plan?

We meet at the Smart XP at 10 am. The changed plan, that we are not going to film yesterday *g*

Sorry I'm not gonna make it. If you can tell me where I can find you I'll be there at 11.
Okay I will go to SmartXP and hope I see you there.

Hey Thijs! We do not film in the morning. So you do not need to come^^

Hey all,
we couldn't find Alfred this morning to get the camera. Can one of you try to find him after Graphic Design? We should definitely be able to get one since Christian reserved it for today. Can you also tell us where and when we will meet at the cocktail party tonight?

We also went to the hotel drienerburght this morning and talked to the manager. We were able to get an appointment to shoot next Tuesday at 12 pm in a free room.

Can we film after that the sequence in the meeting rooms? Then we should speak to Gerrit and ask him for a free room. (or two) How do you want to make the party sequence now? (The party on the campus was very cool, with burning drinks, they made a nice show, this would have been amazing....) But its ower now....
So how do we do it?
And what will we show on monday in the class?
Could you maybe cut the video we have Thijs??? Then we have at least someting... And we can also show the video, which should been played in the tv in the first sequence... Should we make a powerpoint presentation???

This is what I did today: Have fun!

BOAR IST DAS GEIL!!! I think I got my motivation for this project back!

Ok I put it into a ximpel video. We have something to show tomorrow. But the parts where you can choose are just images at the moment. I cannot upload it because its too big.
BTW: I hope you guys have been working on the dialogues. They HAVE to be ready by tuesday.

You are my personal hero Thomas!!!

For tomorrow:
I won´t bring the red shirt, because otherwise I have to iron it...
But I hope my boyfriend allows me to bring his other clothes...

The script ( I have to think about it... Maybe you write your idease in here):

Sequence Hotel: I think it is enough if I only say: You will be expected!

Sequence meeting of the evil corporation:

Meeting "party":

Meeting World´s president:

I will maybe be 5 min to late

Filming is done. Now we have to make an interacive video from it. 
I recommand to use Ximpel 2.0. 
I could devide four tasks: 

1. Edit the videos to short tracks. Especially the scene with the president needs care because of the two points of view. 
2. Make proper subtitles at the videos. Maybe together with the editing, but in my case a have little idea what the text should be. 
3. Add applicable sound to the videos. Not my strongest quality. 
4. Put it all in Ximpel. 
5. Finishing touch: upload, maybe a few more things for decoration, do we need a trailer? 

I propose to do 1 or 4. Or both if necessary. 
But first we need to share our files. Someone make an account on

I have some major issues with adding subtitles to the videos. So if someone could do that, that would be awesome.

-.- seriously nothing new?! not even an answer to the videos? The video has to be ready in a week. Start working!
The pictures for the newspaperarticle are there, too.

Now I have started subtitling. I hope you have at least got some knowledge about Ximpel 2.0!

My computer needs a password to open the files from dropbox! What is it?

password: climate

In the attachment you will find the newspaper article, which we need for the interactive video...
Who does the Ximple thing now?
 Later that evening I will attach the final advice...

All the videos with subtitles..
The intro will be edited a bit. But I think you can try to ximpel with that.
At the positions that decisions have to be made there may be a bit of cutting necessary.
oh and the newspaper is in there, too.

ok who does the Ximple part? The final adivice will be here this evening.

I just uploaded a short title sequence which we can put where the logo in the teaser is displayed. If you have any suggestions for a different text, please tell me. I think Patrick is working on integrating Ximpel into our website so we can have the video on our page.

The link for the sequence:

So Patrick is ready with the video? I don´t know why, but the link doesn`t work...

Sorry, I just fixed the link.
I have no idea what exactly is going to happen on Friday but I think I am going to write a short summary of our project which we can post on the blog so that visitors who are interested can read it after watching the video. Anton will probably like that, too.

Hey guys.
I'm sry, it won't work. I spent nearly my whole weekend with trying out XIMPEL. I tried out an infinitive amount of examples in different combinations, sometimes they work, sometimes they are just kidding me. Overlays work every 10th time, pictures won't  work at all.
I don't know what to do. Either I'm really stupid or XIMPEL is just FUCKING BULLSHIT. I won't get it finished until tomorrow, Chrisi and Sabrina also don't know what's wrong with my code. I think we have to tell Anton and then try it out again tomorrow or tuesday. Together! Milena's group also isn't ready tomorrow ;)

I just managed to include most of the videos into XIMPEL, some connections are still missing though and some videos too. I don't have the edited video of burning the CCM and I don't have anything for the Greenpeace part. Also, I used the Youtube version of our trailer as the intro which we can still change this week. I cannot upload everything because our FTP server has a 10MB file limit for some reason.

I attachede the greenpeace ad. Oder besser noch nimm das video:

I was at the lecture in the afternoon, Inèz wanted us to e-mail her what we wanted for our presentation next friday. Some people want a dark room, second table, soundboxes and stuff. I said we just needed a proper screen, a table and chairs. We will use our own laptop and mouse. 
We also need to make one slide for the short (30sec) presentation (Sven will mail all of us about this), and one person to present.
We can also make print-outs for viewers, with for example our logo and website.
Thursday afternoon we can prepare our place in smartXP.
Friday everyone can come in at 15:30, formal presentation with half a minute presentation per groop with one slide starts at 16:00. Presentations from every groop spread over the room starts at about 16:15?

An other question: Who is going to present??? 
12 Oct 2010, 07:12
17 Oct 2010, 14:26
17 Oct 2010, 14:29
17 Oct 2010, 14:30
17 Oct 2010, 14:32
17 Oct 2010, 14:35
12 Oct 2010, 05:11
12 Oct 2010, 05:10
12 Oct 2010, 05:09
12 Oct 2010, 05:08
14 Sep 2010, 01:40
27 Sep 2010, 00:14
27 Sep 2010, 00:13
12 Oct 2010, 06:04
Sabrina Stocker,
15 Sep 2010, 11:31
Christian Zehnter,
20 Sep 2010, 08:08
Sabrina Stocker,
23 Oct 2010, 04:36
Sabrina Stocker,
25 Oct 2010, 05:55
12 Oct 2010, 06:03
Sabrina Stocker,
20 Oct 2010, 09:42
Sabrina Stocker,
21 Sep 2010, 09:35