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The panel will take place 20 september 2010, in CT300, starting at 10.45. 
It will be an informal meeting (preferably) without powerpoint presentations,
with representatives from HMI, EWI and IO, as well as from the regio.


  • prof. dr. Anton Nijholt [EWI/HMI] (*)
  • dr. Bert-Jan van Beijnum [EWI/telemedicine] (*)
  • prof. dr. Wim Poelman [UT/IO] (verhinderd)
  • Marco Strijks [Syntens] (?)
  • dr Johnny Soraker [UT/GW] (*)
  • dr Andreas Wombacher [EWI/DB] (*)
  • Chris Haarmeijer [Tetem/medialab] (*)
(*) confirmed

This panel may considered to be a follow-up on the panels last year, entitled, respectively, what is creative in ... and what the regio needs is .... In this panel, entitled .CREATE meets ..., we will combine the topics of these panels and focus on possible projects for the creative technology students.