CreaRE 2017: Sixth International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering

Date: 27 February 2017
Place: Essen, Germany

Workshop Topic, Background and Motivation

Creativity techniques are recognized as one kind of several major groups of requirements elicitation techniques. Creativity is essential to discover delighter requirements, in addition to the basic and performance requirements. These delighters comprise innovative features, and thus are a driving force behind unique selling points (USPs) for software products. In spite of this, there are far more publications about survey techniques, document-centric techniques and observation techniques for requirements elicitation, than there are about the use of creativity in Requirements Engineering (RE). Many practical questions are still open, especially concerning the applicability and reliability of these techniques in different context, the significance and representativeness of the initial outcomes, and the completeness and post-processing of the requirements resulting from a creativity session. Different software applications domains like embedded systems, multimedia products or customer-specific business applications may require techniques to be applied differently, while creativity techniques contribute to shaping the landscape of emerging fields such as the Internet of Things and smart ecosystems. Meanwhile, the field of creativity techniques itself is also changing as tool support and trends like multimedia use with creativity techniques, mobile computing, and online participation such as crowdsourcing demand different approaches.

Goals of the Workshop

The CreaRE series of workshops brings together RE practitioners and researches who are interested in discussing the role of creativity in RE, the array of creativity techniques that can be applied to RE, and the ways in which creativity techniques from other disciplines can be leveraged in RE. Drawing upon the previous workshop editions, the intended purpose of the CreaRE’17 workshop is to provide a forum for the exchange of emerging ideas, experience and research results.

It also aims at raising awareness in the RE community of the importance of creativity techniques, and creative elements in RE and development processes.

The unique goal of the CreaRE 2017 workshop is to foster collaborative brainstorming and exchange of experiences with creativity techniques useful to RE, with special emphasis on how creativity techniques can facilitate the customization of software to cater to the great diversity in users, contexts and modalities.

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