CreaRE: Fifth International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering

Date: 23 March 2015
Place: Essen, Germany

Workshop topic, background and motivation
In the past five years, Requirements Engineering (RE) has been increasingly more recognized as creative activity. This is especially true in contexts of developing systems for application areas such as game design, crowdsourcing, assistive health-care, smart cities, and green computing. RE for those areas demands stakeholders to create visions of future software systems and to imagine all their implications. Creativity techniques that have been developed and used in other disciplines and areas of problem-solving, have the potential to be adapted and adopted in today’s RE, becoming the foundation for innovative RE processes addressing both problem analysis and solution design.

Goals of the workshop
The CreaRE series of workshops brings together RE practitioners and researches engaged in discussing the role of creativity in RE, the array of creativity techniques that can be applied to RE, and the ways in which creativity techniques from other disciplines can be leveraged in RE. Drawing upon the previous workshop editions, the intended purpose of the CREARE’15 workshop is to be a forum for the exchange of emerging ideas, experience and research results. It also aims at raising awareness in the RE community of the importance of creativity and creativity techniques.
The unique goal of the CreaRE 2015 workshop is to foster collaborative brainstorming and exchange of research designs for studies on creativity-related aspects of RE.

Past CreaRE workshops

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