Bitch (verb)

Cream Alien Games was happy to premier the new micro game Bitch (verb) at Gen Con '09.  The game is on a single page and comes with a hand made button. Each button says 1 of 4 phrases: Such a Bitch, Damn What a Bitch, Awesome Bitch and #1 Bitch. All thirty copies were sold to my happy delight.
I have noticed that when I am around quick witted people, I become better at funny come backs and snarky remarks. It's exercising that part of my brain. I want Bitch to help me get better at quick responses by making me think with one personality and then quickly having to change it and think like another.
It will be harder to play than you think.
Right now it's not worth mailing a $1 game, it would cost more than the damn thing, so it is only available at shows. However, I could also use some help with coming up with new phrases.

Bitch News! While this is fairly premature, I am working with a great international game designed to make Bitch (verb) into an extended game. Right now we are talking about concepts and length, but it's an exciting start. If this works out how we hope, a mailable Bitch will be available.

Here's a close up of the hand made buttons!