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January 2015
Print copies now in stock! Boy, that took a while, but they are some of the best printed and cut copies I have ever had. Thanks for your patience!

I also have some news on the Bitch (verb) page, take a look.

October 2014
Kagematsu is temporarly sold out!  I have re-ordered already so I hope to a new supply soon.

2013 Kagematsu now as a PDF
The US Postal Service has tripled the price of shipping a print copy of Kagematsu outside the US and Canada, it now costs nearly $10.  Ugh. I have gotten requests for PDF versions in the past, and this seemed like the right time to do it. The PDF includes the full game book with color cover, the game screen and extra character sheets.

Google has also dropped their 'Google Checkout' payment system.  So I have switched to Paypal, you'll see the new buttons on the Buy It page. thanks!

2011 Kagematsu Price Change for Shipping

Shipping prices for Kagematsu are increasing a little, by $.50 an order. This is not per book but per package. Thanks!

September 2010 News Update!
The fantastic Italian RPG company Narrattiva officially announced their Italian translation of Kagematsu!

Gen Con 2010
The fine fine folks at Design Matters are hosting Kagematsu this year at Gen Con. Stay up to date with their Twitter account
@DesignMattersGC. They are at booth 2100 and have a Twitter account. Head on by and see all their amazing games!

Southern Michigan's Arts and Creativity Conference 2010
Half Meme Press and Cream Alien Games will be attending SMACC July 24 & 25 at the Dearborn DoubleTree. It's SMACC's first show and it's filled with different creative pursuits (paper craft, jewerly comics and other awesome stuff), and local films will be running all weekend.

Cave of Wanders Gaming Saga 2010!!

Arnold Cassell along with Paul Hubbird, are roving con game masters. Their idea is to run a number of games based on Themes, where players can go to any of the offerings or the whole damn thing! Their Cave of
Wanders Saga is The Game Event, offering a series of awesome games at ConCarolinas, Gen Con and Dragon Con.

Check it out!

Staple! 2010 Post-post
March 8, 2010
We had a great time as STAPLE! Austin this year. I sold my goal of Kagematsu and Bitch (verb). The event center was packed full of people pretty much all day. The first couple of hours people do little buying, these are the serious comic shoppers and they tend to look around and then decide what to buy. Lunch time and the afternoon was very good for us.
Here's a photo of Paul at our table, already working, and a detail of my end.                            Doesn't Bitch look great!

We stayed at a bed and breakfast for most of the trip. If you are lucky, there are very nice people to talk to who are also staying there. You eventually get around to talking about why you are in town and
on Thursday morning, Paul and I were talking to a couple visiting their daughter. We said that we were going to STAPLE and that brought up more whys. So it came out that Paul and I write games. The couple asked to see a game and ended up buying a copy of Kagematsu for their daughter! We ran into them later and said they had already started to read it, thought it was well written and were thinking of trying it out first! How awesome!

STAPLE! 2010

March 1, 2009
Paul and I are heading down to Austin Texas for STAPLE! Independent Expo March 7th 2010. I'll be bringing  Kagematsu and some copies of Bitch (verb). Stop by table 59 and say hi!

Gen Con 2009 Update!
Wow! I sold out of Kagematsu on Friday! Just 2 days into the con. It was a limited run of hand crafted covers with a folded kimono on each. See the photos below!
I am happily shocked and ready to get another print run going. Thank you everyone for purchasing the game, and being so cool by reading it during the con (while you could have been gaming) and telling me how much you like it. I am the happiest girl right now!

Here is the Limited Edition of Kagematsu with a handcrafted cover featuring a paper kimono. A pic of the interior artwork by Anna Kreider. Thanks to Paul for being my hand model.


Our first ever STAPLE! small press expo was fantastic! Paul appeared in a panel about self-publishing along with a book and comic writer. We nearly sold out of My Life with Master, sold half of the Bacchanal stock and I sold well above my goal of Kagematsu. It was a great atmosphere and I talked to plenty of great people. Here is a photo of our table in the hall.

Update for March 3, 2009.
Cream Alien Games is heading to STAPLE! Austin on March 7, 2009! STAPLE! is an independent media show, heavy on comics but expanding to other media like RPGs. I'll be sharing table 52 with Half Meme Press (ie Husband Paul Czege) selling the ashcan of Kagematsu! We are both excited about our first trip to STAPLE! and hope we meet new people, buy some great indie stuff, and maybe sell a copy or 2. Come by the table and say Hi! -Danielle


On August 4, 2008 I ran a contest on Story Games called Color my Cover!
Here's the link:
    And the Winner is-
        John Harper!



Visit the post and see all of the wonderful entries.