Middle School Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Science is a nine week exploratory class for all CRCSD students at the middle school level. Students in this class will learn to utilize computer applications to enhance their learning and production. Specific computer applications include keyboarding, word-processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, web design, graphic design, image and video editing, modeling and animation, publishing, and critical thinking simulation software. These tools will enable all students to present and share knowledge in a digital environment. In addition to computer applications, students will learn online research techniques and explore their responsibilities in the social, ethical and cultural issues that accompany the privilege of online learning. 

Each grade has their own syllabus page to follow under the curriculum links. You will find specific projects in sequence throughout the course linked on these pages. Each project also includes standards that are connected to CRCSD's Student Learning Expectations and I CAN statements for students. A syllabus for each lesson shows all the essential skills that will be assessed in your work to determine your grade. In addition to the grade level projects, all grades will utilize the keyboarding and online learning links during their time in the labs. 

Students/Parents - Take pride in your work and ask questions as soon as you're unsure of what to do. Students that meet those two simple standards will do well in Computer Science. We will always provide you with a demonstration of the lesson, clear objectives of what is to be accomplished, the purpose of mastering the skill, and timely feedback in regards to your performance. We will also review any part of the lesson with you in an individual conference if you are confused and raise your hand to ask a question. You will have opportunities to correct your errors. We will not take the mouse from you and do your work for you. We will take the time to show you how to succeed on your own. Please take advantage of any willing students that have mastered the lesson nearby also to ask quick questions of if your instructor is conferencing with another student. We should help each other out whenever the opportunity presents itself in our learning families. 


Computer Skills and My Future?