California Retired County Employees Association

We trust this web site will not only tell you a lot about this organization, but connect you to its Officers and Committees. It will also give you a connection to our twenty member Associations throughout California. In addition, it will introduce you to our Affiliates, companies that support us financially and also give us input on current affairs. For our statement of purpose - or Mission Statement - see the Mission Statement Page. 


This site will provide you with the forms and information needed to attend one of our two yearly Conferences, as well as a history of past conferences. It will offer for your review our bylaws (in the delegate manual), our delegate manual, and messages from our President. You can also read the minutes of the most recent Fall 2014 Conference just added to that Conferences page. 


We have  a page called  News Articles.  This is where you will find the latest CRCEA news and items of current interest. It is also the page for articles of interest to California county retirees.  Please take a look at it!


If you are interested in pending legislation that pertains to county retirees, click on our Legislative Update page.


If you want to read our Newsletter, The Intercom, it is here for you too.    Many past issues by former Editors Ron Janes  and Leon Teauge will supply you with some good reading. Good News: A new Editor for The Intercom has just been appointed this December of 2014. . Her name is Virginia Adams and she is retired from San Bernardino County. She has been Editor of their newsletter "Prime Time" for the last three years. Her first edition will be available in mid January of 2015. Look for it on this web site then!  


In February 2012 a new page was added called Studies and Reports.  This page will give you access to the reports and information generated by the Retirement Security Committee formed in April 2011.  In addition to the Studies and Reports page, in March 2012 we have added a second page called Resource Database. This page will take you to a comprehensive data base of pension studies and research materials on pensions. The purpose is to provide information to help respond to negative pension articles and refute myths and misunderstandings associated with current pension reform proposals.


The Delegate Manual is another useful resource. It includes some history, our bylaws, and several other sections on how CRCEA operates.  It was updated in 2013 by CRCEA Vice President, Mike Sloan. 


In February 2014 Membership Committee Chair Rhonda Biesemeier added a new data resource showing how each of the twenty associations administer their Membership Recruitment. To read this new data, go to the Committees page and click on the report there.


We hope you will find what you are looking for and discover lots of "good stuff" on this site.  We hope you find this site both useful and user friendly. Please address your suggestions, comments, and corrections to our Webmaster, Ann Gregory at don.ann.gregory@juno.com.