Carolina Regional Conference 2018
1 Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgecrest, NC 28770

中文堂: 「作主的門徒! 作主的門徒?」
主题讲员: 李秀全牧師和師母

       李秀全牧師(Rev. Morley Lee)在中國大陸及台灣長大,他們大學畢業後,於1963年加入台灣的校園福音團契(Campus Evangelical Fellowship) ,在學生福音事工服事十四年,前後擔任總幹事與訓練部主任。六o年代末期他們前往新加坡,在內地會的門徒訓練中心(Discipleship Training Centre)接受裝備,又於八o年代初期赴美國芝加哥在惠頓大學(Wheaton College)研究所深造。 
        1977年初至1994年底在波士頓郊區華人聖經教會Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston)擔任主任牧師十八年。1995年起他們被教會差派到海外宣教,加入中華海外宣道協會(Chinese Mission Overseas),擔任總幹事及工場主任,在東南亞參與跨越文化宣教事工六年。2001年初他們參與美國海外校園擔任宣教部主任。同時創立國際關懷協會(Care Ministries International), 在各地華人教會推動普世宣教事工。2006年至2011年李秀全牧師擔任世界華人福音中心(Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism)總幹事。2011年至2017年底擔任國際關懷協會會長,推動「福音進中華;福音出中華!」的普世宣教運動。目前為國際關懷協會榮譽會長和拓展部主任, 繼續在各地挑戰華人教會投入普世宣教事工。

English Topic:  “Real ID”
English Speaker: Greg Speck (

Greg Speck was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Walnut Creek, California. He is an avid San Francisco 49ers, Giants, Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks fan. Greg grew up in a non-Christian home and didn't become a Christian until he was a senior in high school. He attended Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated with a major in Sociology and minors in Social Work and Biblical and Theological studies. After graduating he started working with teenagers and has done that ever since. He has been traveling around the world speaking to teenagers and families. He has been a caseworker for emotionally disturbed and delinquent teens, Youth Pastor, Youth Specialist for Moody Bible Institute, President of Youth Ministries International, the youth and family communicator for Bethel University and a friend to endangered woodland animals (that was very random). He has led groups of teenagers on mission trips to the British Isles and all across Europe for over 20 years. Now he is the "Youth and Family communicator" for Youth Leadership in, lovely and tropical, St Paul, Minnesota. He is also a regular speaker for Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage enrichment conferences. 

Coordinating church / 主辦教會:
    Chinese Christian Church of Columbia 哥伦比亚华人基督教会

Participating Churches / 協辦教會:(If your church is participating and not listed here, please let us know.)
    Agape Chinese Baptist Church 以爱华人浸信会
    Augusta Chinese Christian Fellowship 奥古斯塔华人基督徒团契
    Charlotte Grace One Christ Church 夏洛特沐恩基督教会
    Chinese Christian Church of Columbia 哥伦比亚华人基督教会
    Chinese Christian Church of Greater Charleston 查理士顿地区华人基督教会 
    Chinese Church of the Greater Tri-Cities 三城华人教会
    Church of Agape Reconciliation 博愛归和教会 
    Florence Chinese Christian Church 南卡佛羅倫斯華人基督教會
    Greenville Chinese Christian Church 格林维尔华人基督教会
    Lake Norman Chinese Christian Fellowship诺曼湖华人基督徒团契
    Living Stone Chinese Community Church活石华人基督教会
    Living Water Christian Church 活泉基督教会
    Maple Springs Chinese Christian Church 枫泉华人基督教会
    Raleigh Chinese Christian Church 洛丽华人基督教会
    Roanoke Chinese Church 羅城華人教會 
    Savannah Chinese Christian Church 賽凡納華人基督教會
    Winston -Salem Chinese Christian Church 温莎华人基督教会