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  • Plant Image Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications Author: S Dutta Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India ; Yasuomi Ibaraki, Yamaguchi University, Japan Price: $159.95/£99.00 ISBN: 9781466583016 Publication Date: September 18, 2014 No. of Pages ...
    Posted 15 Sep 2014, 00:58 by Aletheia Heah
  • Computational Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System Author: Ming Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; Yubo Fan, Beihang University, China Price: $129.95/£82.00 ISBN: 9781466588035 Publication Date: September 11, 2014 No. of Pages ...
    Posted 15 Sep 2014, 00:48 by Aletheia Heah
  • Biomass Processing Technologies Author: Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie University, Australia; Tim J. Evans, Macquarie University, AustraliaPrice: $99.95 / £63.99 ISBN: 978-1-4665-6616-3 Publication Date: June 26, 2014 No. of ...
    Posted 12 Sep 2014, 00:10 by Aletheia Heah
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  • Data-Driven Teaching - Garbage In, Garbage Out? This post came about because of a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education  - "Can universities use data to fix what ails the lecture?" . Universities from Michigan to Singapore ...
    Posted 29 Aug 2014, 02:18 by Liming Leong
  • Gaming the System I was catching up with my reading last week when I came across the storm (teacup optional) which erupted in July over Sage's retraction of 60 articles from their ...
    Posted 12 Aug 2014, 23:36 by Liming Leong
  • Things You Should Know Before Publishing a Book Apologies for the long hiatus since my last post - the time has passed in a flurry of summer conferences and accompanying campus visits. With Singapore's National Day and a ...
    Posted 8 Aug 2014, 02:59 by Liming Leong
  • US Biomedical Research - Critically ill? I was reading about an unusual PNAS article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today. The article talks about how long-term budgetary constraints at the NIH has led to ...
    Posted 21 Apr 2014, 23:40 by Liming Leong
  • Three reasons why editing a book is a good idea I have to admit that I read Routledge author Pat Thomson's blog post on our internal newsletter, but the rationale she gives for editing a book should resonate with ...
    Posted 6 Jan 2014, 18:28 by Liming Leong
  • Happy New Year! A Very Happy New Year to all readers of this blog and may 2014 bring you all good things! Unfortunately it seems that old problems never die, they just evolve ...
    Posted 26 Dec 2013, 23:23 by Liming Leong
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I'm a Singapore-based books acquisitions editor for CRC Press, commissioning within the Life Sciences and Chemistry, with a special interest in the Biomedical sciences and Biotechnology.

I previously worked more broadly across the applied sciences and engineering but have moved to my new life sciences portfolio since the beginning of 2012.

As of November 2014, I have left the company, so if you are thinking of writing a textbook at the senior undergraduate or graduate level (examples, case studies, homework problems and other supplementary materials are strongly encouraged), please contact Dr Fiona Macdonald at fiona.macdonald@taylorandfrancis.com . Quality reference material for monographs, edited books and handbooks are also priorities. Please contact Fiona for all editorial concerns.

Books in my list are distributed and sold throughout Asia, the USA and Europe.

About Me

I have been working in academic publishing since 2005, with 2008 marking my first year as a CRC Press editor.

Originally, I trained as a developmental biologist, obtaining my PhD from University College London in 1996 and working in the laboratory. In 2000 I decided on a career switch and went back to school (Imperial College London) to do a Science Communications course before returning to my home country (Singapore) to try my hand at various Communications and PR-type roles.

It was during my time in the UK that I decided to act on my longtime interest in classical music (particularly vocal) by participating in amateur church and opera choruses. I currently sing mezzo in the Celebration Chorus. (Current season here).

At work with CRC, I continue to build on and broaden my understanding of academic life, it’s goals and constraints. I bring this understanding to my current job, with the hope that it adds to my authors’ publishing experience.

The thing I enjoy most about working with CRC Press is that the job allows me to keep-up with cutting-edge research while meeting new people and new cultures (capturing everything with my trusty dSLR and very often sampling their food). Most of all, it is the excitement of holding a freshly-printed book in my hand and knowing how it could change people’s thinking – in the classroom, the laboratory or the world...

I hope that, next time, the book I’m getting excited about is yours!

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