Keri's story  

In October of 2010, at age 28, Keri was diagnosed with stage 2, Triple Negative, Breast Cancer. Triple Negative being the most aggressive sub type of Breast Cancer with the least number of effective treatment options. After several months of Chemotherapy and surgery we were told that no Cancer was detected on her last scan. One month later, a more recent scan revealed 3 spots on her lungs. After traveling to Texas and Oklahoma for other opinions we decided to settle in at Vanderbilt and continue the recommended Chemotherapy. Over the next year and a half the Cancer would progress slowly requiring brain surgery, multiple rounds of Chemotherapy, and radiation. Eventually the disease reached her brain, lungs, liver, collar bone, and spine. Her body could no longer sustain itself with this level of disease and Keri passed on December 9, 2014.   

Facts about Keri

Strong Faith in God, awesome wife, awesome mother, 2nd grade school teacher, athletic, completed 7 half marathons, very health and fitness oriented.

Things to remember about her fight

Always smiling and positive, continued to teach until the last 3 months, completed Crossfit VTG "On Ramp" while on chemotherapy, always looking to help others, never complained, never gave up the fight, and her determination and will to live was truly inspirational.  

Purpose of this competition

This competition will serve as a way that we can honor her life as well as raise money for their two children. There will be 3 divisions RX, Scaled, and Basic. As well as two competition platforms: IN HOUSE (at VTG on 2/7) and ONLINE (virtual competition with the same WODs to be done by 2/7). Please join us in raising money for Cale and Reece.


2014 #CRAZYSTRONG FOR KERI - Registration


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