We are team Crazy Rhinos. We are an FLL team from Aurora Ohio. FLL is short for First Lego league.  It is a competition where there are a lot of teams from a lot of places in Ohio compete.  Here is the link to the main FLL site:   .  Okay, so it is a thing that you get missions that you (have to use and program a robot.) get points when you finish a challenge you get points.  You are graded by your teamwork, your robot design, and your success.  You are also graded by your research presentation.  Find our research question by clicking, Research.  Okay, enough of this FLL stuff.  Let's get back to our team.  So, you probably want to know our names.  In the front row in the picture to the right starting from left is, Jenna, Kylie, Kate, and Peter.  In the back row starting from the left is, Reece, and Tommy.  We don't have a picture or them, but Their names are: Coach Stoycos and Coach Emrick.   

Team Logo artist:  Reece Emrick

Crazy Rhinos Intro