Music & Audio

Let's Talk Music Equipment
We have a high performance laptop filled with over 45,000 songs.  Enough music to last for weeks with no repeats.  With this amount of music we are more than willing to take requests all night long.  We keep updated on a weekly basis!
B52 MATRIX-1000 V2
The MATRIX-1000 V2 is a complete sound reinforcement SOLUTION comprised of two 10” two-way powered satellites and a dedicated powered 15” subwoofer. The MATRIX-1000 V2 has a built-in three-channel 700-watt power amplifier. The circuitry is designed and fine-tuned to integrate all components for the best possible sound.

 Other Equipment

2 Wireless Microphones and 2 wired Mircophones Available
 2 T-bar lighting stands and one 9' truss. Each stand holds up to 4 lights and adjusts from 60" to 144" tall. The truss bar can hold up to 8 lights.
 2 Fog Machines- One Small & One Large
Small Bubble Machine
Mixer Capable Of Attaching up To 5 Units including MP-3 Players, Computers, CD Players & Much More

Cell (Preferred): 716-545-8614  

Lets Talk Song Selection
Here at Crazy J Entertainment we offer over 45,000 songs in the form of 192-320 Bitrate digital audio.  Whats this mean for you?  Higher than CD quality music without distortion or skipping.
Below you can download our most recent song book.  This book was created in 2009 as a starting point.  Rest easy knowing that we have not only all of those hits but all the top hits from Today. We update Weekly with all the top 40.
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