DJ Crazy J


  •   DJ Crazy J is the main voice of Crazy "J" Entertainment.  Crazy J has worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years.  Working in night clubs such as Club Venus, Center Stage, and Club 427.  Since establishing Crazy J Entertainment he has done events including weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties for all ages, religious events, holiday parties, benefits, School Dances and much much more.  He is very outgoing and makes sure every guest has a great time.  He specializes in getting the crowd involved with the event and getting them on the dance floor.  He really does deserve the Name CRAZY J.
  •  DJ Crazy J is very passionate about the fine details in the event.  He makes sure everyone is on the same page.


One of Jake's main goals is to make sure everyone is having a good time. To do this he strives to make sure every request is played. The more interaction the better.
  • If he finds that no one is dancing he takes it to the next level by trying to teach the newest dances to the people sitting and then encouraging them to join him. If that does not work he has tons of large group appropriate games he will host. 
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