History of portable MiniDisc and Blanks

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The MiniDisc (MD) is an obsolet magneto -optical disc-based data storage device for 74 minutes and, later, 80 minutes, of digitized audio or 1 gigabyte of Hi-Md data. The Sony brand audio players were on the market from September 1992 until March 2013.

MiniDisc was announced by Sony in September 1992 and released that November for sale in Japan and in December for the USA and Europe.
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This site does not intend to substitute for other sites / forums on the same topic that lists technical features or solutions to problems related to the use of the minidisc as sound support.

The intention is to follow the story over the decades (only two) of portable machines and blank media that have been produced in these years.
The images are all from my personal collection of minidisc;
the quality of the images is not perfect for the upload space limit of Google site; high-quality images you can find on my other site:
Crazy for minidisc - Picasa Web Album

I hope this will be useful for fans of MDs.

Any help for this website is welcome.
The minidisc is starting on the road of oblivion;
Google search: minidisc
4.400.000 pages, Iphone 2.460.000.000 pages.
I would like this site to keep alive this beautiful object.

A warm greeting to all.


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