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Our concept for the relay game of crazy foot golf is as follows:
  • Take 9 self standing long handled dust pans and place say 1 metre apart along a u-shaped course (or circular course). One side of the u-shaped course will have have 4 dust pans (holes 1/2/3/4) and the other side 5 dust pan holes (holes 5/6/7/8/9).  The tee off for each hole is beside the preceding hole and the dust pans should face towards the direction of play. The starting tee off for hole 1 can be beside hole 9. The u-shaped course (or circular course) can be created either indoors or outdoors.
  • Print the 9 flag download below, cut out flags and attach a paper/card flag to the top of each dust pan handle in a consecutive 1-9 order (the self standing long handled dust pans then become your 9 golf holes). Each paper/card flag for each dust pan hole promotes a very important attribute (also called fruit of the spirit in Christianity).
  • Divide competitors into two equal sized groups and give each group a different coloured ball (if groups not equal nominate someone in the smaller group to play twice).
  • Line up the two groups behind the start tee off before starting the relay. Initially a member from each group will tee off together to start playing. In turn competitors need to kick their coloured ball into each of nine holes with tee offs for each hole beside the preceding hole (the only time competitors handle their ball is to retrieve from the dust pan before placing beside the same pan to tee off for the next hole or after hole 9 to hand their ball to the next competitor) . At soon as each group competitor completes hole 9 their next group competitor is allowed to tee off to begin their game. The relay winner is simply the group that finishes first.
  • Consider giving each person completing a game a free sticker (a free grape/s might be another option).
  1. Two equal sized relay groups of competitors given one small coloured ball (different colour for each group). If two relay groups not equal someone in smaller group nominated to play twice.
  2. The tee off for each hole is on the ground beside the preceding hole.
  3. The relay is started with one competitor from each group teeing off simultaneously. 
  4. Each competitor has to kick their ball into each of nine holes.
  5. Each competitor is responsible for retrieving their ball before moving onto the next hole tee off (balls can only be handled to remove from dust pan hole before placing beside same dust pan to tee off to next hole or to hand ball to next competitor).
  6. After each relay competitor completes hole 9 they hand their coloured to their next group competitor until the last competitor completes hole 9.
  7. The winning group is simply the first group that finishes the relay.

We invite schools, churches, youth groups etc. to uptake CRAZY FOOT GOLF that has been devised to promote 9 very important attributes (also called fruit of the spirit in Christianity).
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