Lesson Plan

We invite teachers to teach their students that:
  • We all have individual rights but also have group responsibilities to create a good learning environment for the whole class.
  • Everyone has the right to a good learning environment and no one has the right to disrupt the learning of others learning in the class.
  • There are two types of behaviour: acceptable behaviours (non-anti social behaviours) and unacceptable behahaviours (anti-social behaviours).
  • Acceptable behaviours (non anti-social behaviours) are encouraged as they create good learning environments for the whole class (they support public well-being).
  • Unacceptable behaviours (anti-social behaviours) are not allowed as they disrupt good learning environments for the whole class (they damage public well-being).
Following the above instruction we invite teachers to ask their students to create a list of acceptable behaviours alongside a list of unacceptable behaviours (teachers can decide the number of behaviours to be listed).

Such an exercise is a good way for students to reflect on acceptable and unacceptable behaviours (non anti-social behaviours and anti-social behaviours).