What is CRAZY FOOT GOLF (crazyfootgolf.org)?

CRAZY FOOT GOLF is the sports ministry that promotes crazy foot golf alongside promoting 9 very important attributes (also called fruit of the spirit in Christianity).

The name CRAZY FOOT GOLF is derived from crazy golf (mini golf using a small golf sized ball) and foot golf (where golf is played foot kicking a ball).

The concept is to create 9 CRAZY FOOT GOLF holes out of self standing long handled dust pans. We provide free downloads to create 9 flags for the dust pan handles with each flag promoting one of nine very important attributes (called fruit of the spirit in Christianity). 

CRAZY FOOT GOLF is designed for both indoor and outdoor play so we suggest players use a small soft ball such as a golf practice ball (to avoid damage). There are several versions of the game including course, relay and target.

What is the mission of CRAZY FOOT GOLF?

"To promote Christianity by promoting the fruit of the spirit alongside promoting crazy foot golf."

What is the charitable purpose of CRAZY FOOT GOLF?

To promote Christianity (what) to people across the world (who/where) by promoting the fruit of the spirit alongside promoting crazy foot golf (how)

What are fruit of the spirit in Christianity?

In Galatians 5 of the Holy Bible the fruit of the Holy Spirit describe important positive attributes that are contrasted with works of the flesh. It is implied that Jesus shares these same positive attributes. The fruit of the spirit point to the potential for Christianity to deliver positive behaviour change. In other words, one of the key purposes of Christianity is striving to deliver positive attributes called fruit of the spirit within each follower of Jesus. More details.

Who is responsible for CRAZY FOOT GOLF?

The founder (Tim Hall) was born (1956) and educated in the UK. After graduation the founder's career took him to Africa working on mapping projects (Botswana/Sudan) and agricultural development projects (Nigeria). In 1999 the founder migrated to New Zealand. After losing his home and lifestyle in the Christchurch earthquakes (2010/2011) the founder relocated back to the UK in 2012. The founder values the importance of the common good and making a difference for good.

The founder's contact details are:

Founder's name: Tim Hall
Founder's email: hiswordATgmailDOTcom

The founder is also responsible for the sister initiative STOP ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOURS.