Life in Abu Dhabi

After recently moving to Abu Dhabi, I decided that the only way to keep people up to date with the things going on in my life over here was to keep on posting irregular articles and photos, instead of repeating the same story over and over again to about a dozen people.  It’s like going to a party and then not knowing any more who you told the story to...  at one point or another you’ll end up looking like an idiot when you tell the same joke too many times.

If you have Skype or MSN you should be able to track me down.  By the way... difference between Vancouver and Abu Dhabi is 12 hours.

Check out the photos, my daily ramblings and blah blah blah... or whatever comes to mind...  if you have time that is.

Oh yeah... and this funky desert setting seemed fitting... considering I'm living in the desert now.