Crazy Canines Coaching

Private Consultations

Crazy Canines can help with specific behaviour modification and with general training.

Applying positive reinforcement based training in every situation, keeping your dog free from distress, fear or pain while we train.

Build trust and understanding in the relationship between you and your dog by learning to read their body language and communication.

Learn how to respond, what to do and when to act to help your dog learn and exhibit alternative behaviours.

Training is suitable for dogs of all ages - from puppies to seniors.

Suitable for adopted and rehomed pets.

The whole family is welcome to attend.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail before booking an appointment please call or email.

Please submit your

'Dog Profile'

before your first appointment

Initial Behavioural Consultation

Dogs over 6 months

90 min session


In-home consultation

Coaching begins with building foundational skills at the appropriate level for your dog and is customized to your individual case.

Further Behavioural Coaching

Dogs over 9 months

60 min session


Further training provides you with support, guidance and extends your dogs behavioural training.

Each session booked individually.

Tailored to your dogs progress.

In-home Puppy Session

Pups under 6 months

60 min session


Need more that just our puppy classes?

Struggling at home?

Learn how to set up to succeed with house training; mouthing; chewing; crate/mat training and much much more!

Further Puppy Coaching

Pups under 9 months

45 min session


Available after your first appointment.

Continue training at home or in new locations.

Topics adjusted to suit your lifestyle and requirements