Just 2 guys talking about the first thing that comes to their minds-mainly ponies. No script, completely improvised.
Robert (retroG)

Yeah I'm kind of a lazy bum and I was tasked with writing this description so I'll just put something here to make it look like I tried because we both know if you didn't read this it would look like an actual bio or something about me but since you went through the trouble of reading this you should follow me on twitter (@retroG212) and spam at me how I should annoy that guy -----> 
ya know because it's pretty easy I do it all the time just like how he probably won't read this and he'll think I actually tried

Previous Episodes

  • First Episode - It was "something special" http://www.blogtalkradio.com/crazybronyimprov/2013/01/21/super-deluxe-first-episode--01
    Posted Jan 21, 2013, 4:12 PM by CrazyBronyImprov YEAH
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When not at school, he enjoys composing music and video games. Prefers to be recognized as a "Unicorn", but finds the term "Human" acceptable. Is always happy, in a creepy way, and he knows this. Sometimes wonders about other universes. Would take a towel with himself to outer space.