Welcome to the Crazed Whippet community, where we play numerous multiplayer games including Team Fortress 2, Doom 2, and Quake III arena. This is a friendly and laid back community, however this doesn't mean that we won't be running clan games in the future. All servers are 24/7, but IP is dynamic so please put the server definitions where you can join them without waiting for the site to update as this may take a few hours to update.

The server list is the following:
Server Name Game IP Address Players
Crazed Whippet 6 v 6 arena Team Fortress II 12
Crazed Whippet Saxton Hale Team Fortress II 24
Crazed Whippet Main Server Running with Rifles 64
Crazed Whippet Doom 2 Deathmatch Doom 2 8

NOTE: we have no fast download sever, so if you are going to play saxton hale I would recommend that you get the files elsewhere first.

Visit our steam forum here