Zot Defense

This page is for the purpose of hosting binaries and source code for Zot Defense, a variation on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.5. This page was made using "Google Sites" which made the author feel keenly as if it were 1999 and he were designing a Geocities page.
Zot Defense is a tower-defense-styled variation on Crawl. You begin on Zot:5; monsters are generated in waves, swarming in from the upstairs. You must prevent the monsters from reaching the Orb of Zot, which you may not pick up or apport. During each turn in which a hostile monster stands over the Orb, you suffer one point of rot damage. Each time you go up one experience level, you receive a new special "Zot ability" which will aid you in protecting the Orb; the use of these abilities expends experience points from your XP pool. The waves of monsters grow in strength over time; at the end of each wave, an out-of-depth "boss" monster is generated. Every few waves, a rune is generated on the stairs along with the boss monster. You may pick up the Orb, and leave the dungeon with it, if you are carrying fifteen runes.
Please tell me any suggestions you have about the game. This is its very first version and tips about how the gameplay and pacing could be improved will be well-appreciated. I have not play-tested it very much so bugs, stretches of the game being too easy, and stretches of the game being too hard are likely to occur. My email address for Crawl-related correspondence is universal (period) darts (period) champion (at) gmail (period) com; or you can find me (Chapayev) on Freenode ##crawl.
Updated April 10, 2009: At Nat Lanza's request, I have added source code for Zot Defense to this page, as well as a Links section.
Updated April 10, 2009: There is a known crash bug in 0.1. Severe monster clogs around trap-filled areas can cause the game to crash. This will be fixed in 0.2.

Updated February 27, 2010: I haven't worked on Zot Defense in a long time (mostly out of embarrassment due to its extremely buggy state), although I understand others in the Crawl community have put at least some effort into making a 0.6 port. I have been using my little bit of Crawl-related free time to work on other projects, such as Dungeon Sprint, now available on this site.
Source code and a Windows executable of Zot Defense 0.1 is attached below.
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