StormNET Membership

We need every Storm Spotter in Crawford County to email the following informtion to so that we can setup our spotter data base.  We will be using the Skywarn / EOC Management Software to keep track of everyone checking into the StormNET and severe weather report locations and damage reports.


Please email me your Callsign, First and Last Name, Address, City/Town, State and Zip Code.  You telephone numbers (we can store up to 4 numbers in the software program), County you are a spotter in, Qualifications, Equipment, Vehicle(s) License Plate Number, Vehicle Color, Vehicle Year, Make, and Model.


I would like to include that we will be able to define shelters and input the information into the software program.  I think we will have a great use for the system and it will be a learning experience for those that want to handle the StormNET's. 

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StormNET Membership

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Franklin County Tornado

Our Current Membership:

*StormNET Control Operators

*Steven Gann KE5ESB

*Tim Oldham KD5YCJ

*Mike Bredernitz KD5GQY

    Connie Bredernitz KD5OFA

    Dennis Gilstrap KD5SKA

*George Cabaniss KD5AWQ

*Teasie Harris KD5SJZ

*Eric Jacobson KB5SPZ

*Tim Porter KD5CCD

    Pam Porter KD5WVR

    Pat Hopkins N5VMO

     Lewis Haggard KE5KXN

    Lacy Walker KE5LDL

    Trace Higdon KE5LDI

    Linda Dewater KE5LDH

    Vernon Dewater KE5KRP

    Chris Hoffsommer KD5YJJ

    Lee Altman  KD5RYH

     Adam Mask KE5NAN

    John Smith (Pass Test Pending Call Sign Assignment)

If I have failed to include you on our membership list, please forgive me and email me so that I can update the list.