Crawford County StormNET                 SNAP 

StormNET Volunteers are working on the identification of those persons who live within Crawford County that should be identified as Special Needs Assistance Persons (SNAP).

If you or someone you know has a special needs and would be needing special transportation or equipment should a storm damage occurs within their neighborhood, please email us with their name and contact information.

 We will arrange a visit to the residence and with the person with the special needs.  After our visit we will document the specific information and post it onto a special private access map system.

 We will then share the SNAP Map with your emergency response providers so they know of you special needs and we can look at the evacuation shelters you would evacuate to to see that your special needs can be met.

We hope that the emergency response providers will visit with you also and become close friends that hopefully only meet during visits and not during a storm evacuation event.