Crawford County StormNETtm

StormNET Coordinator: Steven Gann (KE5ESB)

StormNET Assistant Coordinator: Tim Oldham (KD5YJE)


Severe Weather Reports On The Amateur Radio Frequency 145.190mhz Tone 141.3


Never use information provided on this or any other web site for the protection of life or property. When severe storms are occurring in, or threaten your location, tune to your local NOAA NWS weather station or a local radio or tv broadcaster in your area for immediate weather information.

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Arkansas Highway Transportation Department Road Conditions

Calling for Road Conditions in Arkansas dial 1-800-245-1672.

To Report Power Outages: OG&E 1-888-522-6870, Arkansas Valley Electric 1-800-947-6393, Swepco 1-888-216-3521.  

Say, you asked if we have a Winter Weather Radar? Yes We Do!!!

 To view a larger picture of the radars 

simply left button click the photo. 

The radar above shows an example of the areas of snow (light blue color)areas of mixed precepitation(pink color)and areas of rain fall(green color)and areas of heavier rain fall (yellow color).  These radar examples show to you that StormNET can monitor Severe Weather or Winter Weather conditions throughout Crawford County.

You have just now come into the behinds the scene look at the SwiftWX Radar that Crawford County StormNET utilizes during severe weather outbreaks. Click on the picture above to get a much more larger view. The photo above is not a live shot. We hope to be able to bring you storm damage reports including the radar images throughout Crawford County.


Currently Steven Gann and the Mulberry EOC each pay $14.95 monthly subscription service to utilize the SwiftWX (Automatic) Weather Radar. We welcome donations to keep this ongoing. We are in the process of establishing satellite Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) throughout Crawford County which currently includes Crawford County Sheriff Department (Primary Severe Weather EOC), Alma Police Dispatch Center (Alternate Severe Weather EOC), Mulberry EOC, Chester EOC, Cedarville EOC and the Van Buren EOC.


Franklin County Tornado

A view of the Storm Spotting of a Franklin County Tornado by Tim Oldham (KD5YJE) and Tim Porter (KD5CCD) from Mulberry.

"CLICK HERE" to see and read more information about this.



Thought I would share this with you.

I wrote a email message to Rory, the person that has developed the SwiftWX Radar.

I explained to Rory the importance of us, in our geographical area, monitoring the humidity levels and the concerns when the level drops low that assists wildland fires in developing quicker and the need for the firefighters to respond in a much faster time than normal.

I made the suggestion if he could program the alerts to include the humidity levels.

I recieved his reply back and that he thought it was a fantastic ideal. That he had just included the humidity on the surface observations and the development of the alert capability would not take that much to implement.

So, look for the capability of setting an alert tone for low humidity levels on the SwiftWX Radar.


Steven Gann KE5ESB