Flower Dreams


This tutorial was written for those what have some working knowledge of PSP.

This Tutorial was done in PSP 9 But can be done in all versions.

I am using the artwork of Jennifer Janesko you can purchase her work here www.CILM.com

Scrap Kit: Sexy Cool

Masks: Under Downloads I used 81 and 83 Download here


Open a 600x500 transperant image.
flood fill white.  Layers>add new raster layer.
choose a color or a paper from a scrap kit. (I'm using a scrap kit called sexycool) you can download if you want from ssc
I opened the paper and grabbed my paint bucket chose it under material palette and flood fill.
Next you are going to add a mask layer to do that you go to Layers>Load>Load Mask from disk I am using WSL_Mask 83 from wessclo
Settings for the mask are source luminace-fit to layer-hide all mask>Load
Now in the layer Palette you should see a raster layer under the mask activate it and turn the opacity down to 50%
next merge group.
Add new raster layer
Now pick either a different color or another paper and do the same as before in the layer palette find your pattern and flood fill..
Choose another mask layer..Layer>Load Mask> load mask from disk. I am using WSL_Mask 81 and lowered the raster layers opacity down to 30%.

If your using the same kit as i am then i grabbed frame 2 and copy and pasted as a new layer I resized it by 50% and rotate it left by 21
Place where you want it.
Grab the wand and select inside the frame.
Selections>modify>expand by 2 flood fill white or to match your tube.
pick a tube and copy and paste as a new layer place inside the frame once your happy with where its placed hit your delete key.
selections>select none
Add a drop shadow on your tube
Next i picked another frame (frame1) and copy and paste as a new layer and resize it 45%.
Place it where you want it and grab your magic wand click inside and Selections>modify>Expand by 1
Flood fill with color or with white.( i am using white.)
Pick another tube and copy and paste as a new layer place in the frame and when your happy with it hit the delete key.
Again I add a dropshadow on my tube layer.
I add some elements if you are using the same kit as I am then i used the following.
I added the circle of hearts and drug the layer down below both frames.Place it where you want it and resize it by 80%
duplicate and resize 80% and place where it looks good.
Nexted i used flower2 and resized it by 25% copied and pasted as a new layer and duplicated it to outline the frames(i duplicated 5 layers and on the 5th i resized
55%) and placed around the circle frame
Next i resized heartchain2 by 40% and place it.

Now add your copyright info and your watermark,name.
Font used-Inspiration on size 72

I also cropped my image..


Save as a jpeg and your all finished.

Thanks for taking interest in my tutorial.

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