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...or the humble Hermit Crab, and how we learned to love him!

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As apartment dwellers we aren't given a large range of pet choices.  The landlords said no to dogs, and cats require a deposit.  (Now besides the fact that I'm not much of a cat person, my Mother-in-Law is deathly allergic to them.)   But I digress...

After a short stint with a very nice rabbit (R.I.P. Bunny Foo-Foo), we moved on to several failed attempts at fish ownership.   In both cases there was a lot of messy up keep (bunny poo, smelly fish tanks, etc...)

Given that we had a, now empty, aquarium...our children were each given a hermit crab as presents.   "The perfect pets!", we thought.  Easy up keep, they don't shed, not much in the way of bodily waste either.   Thus...Hillary Duff and Tony Hawk came to live with us.  NO...not them...that's what the kids named the crabs.

Hillary was short lived however...perhaps, just a sick crab we thought.    My parents felt bad, and purchased a new crab (dubbed Kim Possible for her shiny green shell!) from the mall.   Things went well for almost a year, until this last January when Kim started acting odd.   This led me to the 'net to try and figure out what was wrong.  Unfortunately we were too late, and Kim was soon an ex-crab.

We've had more successes, and a few unfortunate losses, but we're currently the proud owners of 7 hermit crabs, and find ourselves armed with the knowledge to keep them happy and healthy.  For galleries and more info on our crabs, see the links above.   Also check out the links and info section, or see our footer for more info on crabs in general!


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