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Ringtones For A Cell

ringtones for a cell
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It felt like an appropriate time for a sad picture.
It felt like an appropriate time for a sad picture.
All I ask is a moment of your time to read a few updates. Your choice if you do or not. 1 - ZOMFG A PULLIP PICTURE!? I know, it shocked me too. Keiko and Eboni are sharing this wig for about another week until Eboni's comes in the mail. 2 - For reasons left unexplained no matter who you are Miss Universe Pullip will not be continued. I'm sorry to those who worked hard on their entry. No matter what, the contest isn't starting back up. I MAY start again at the end of the school year but now isn't a good time. Do NOT ask why. 3 - Photostories won't be posted for a long time. I have one or two I'm trying to write to give you something but I don't have time/the characters to continue at the moment. After I buy a few more things I need to fix the dolls I have, I'll be purchasing Kazuhiko and then I can write again when I have time :) 4 - I feel like leaving the pullip hobby. I'm not happy with them anymore :( Maybe that'll change when this time in my life passes over but right now, I look at them and don't feel anything anymore :( It breaks my heart.... 5 - I'm going to be less active here. My classes this year are so crazy. I of course get the teachers that give you homework like you don't have a life(although, I'm not saying I have a social life or w/e lol). 6 - Again, due to recent events in my life that I refuse to talk about to ANYONE the pictures I do post here will most likely have a sad, melancholic look to them. Sorry if you don't like that :( Gee sorry to spill my emotions out on you guys. Thanks though, if you read it. I know I talk to much, trying to work on that :( Anyway, I also redid Eboni's faceup. With some minor adjustments, it looks like the old one but less rushed/sloppy. I'll take pictures when I have better light :) Thanks again if you read my banter. :) adaw43/52
Aci Castello - It's time for a dream
Aci Castello - It's time for a dream
The Land of Malavoglia is really a place where you can lost in yourself and dream for a while. // La terra dei Malavoglia e veramente un luogo dove puoi perderti e sognare per un momento. Aci Castello (CT), Sicily. --- Your COMMENTS and FAVES are welcome. I will replicate! :)

ringtones for a cell