Feedback from Clients

Ruth McKewan - Trapped nerve in elbow

After gardening one day I felt a shooting pain go through my elbow.  I tried lots of different things but nothing seemed to help.  I had even taken time off work as a nurse because I just couldn’t use my right arm.  I eventually contacted Alexandra.  She held my elbow, one hand above the elbow and one below.  She gently followed the pattern of restriction in the elbow, with her cranial technique, and it release and realigned freeing up the nerve.  

I couldn’t believe how this one session totally resolved the problem.

Diana Ford - Epilepsy

I started to suffer from seizures over 2 years ago.  I was distraught as I was having up to six a day.  I knew of a friend who had tried Craniosacral Therapy and it had helped a lot, so I contacted Alexandra to give it a try.  After 3 sessions I was only having one to two fits a week. After 5 sessions the fits stopped completely.   If you suffer from epileptic seizures I’d strongly advise you to try this treatment.

It was confirmed by Diana’s mother that three years later she still hadn’t had another fit.

Ginny Chadderton and baby Emily

 Emily was a breech baby from 20 weeks. Although booked for a ceasarean, we went into a natural labour and were too far engaged with the birth process when we got to hospital, which meant she was born bottom first.

Emily was a very tense baby and didn't relax when held. She would want to feed, then not feed, suffered with reflux and got very frustrated with angry crying. She wouldn't go with anyone else and didn't like close face to face contact with other family members or strangers.

Alexandra gave Emily 4 cranial sessions. She explained that usually in a natural birth there is a downward pressure through the body from the head to feet. In Emily's birth this was obviously reversed. The cranial work released more of this upward pressure each session and Emily became more relaxed.  Alexandra started at the hips and released tension here and in the lower back. During the following sessions there was release in the ribcage, back and chest, moving up to the neck, face and head, where there was a significant release of pressure in the forehead. Finally, there was a general opening expansion in here upper body, followed with an opening and balancing through the hips.

I felt that Emily was completely different. So much more settled in herself. She cuddled into me now when I held her and was so much more relaxed with other people. Also her feeding had greatly improved. I felt the cranial work had really helped with these problems; it's like having a brand new baby.

Julie Remnant - Head Injury

I was cutting branches off a tree in the garden with a chainsaw, when the end of a branch shot forward as it fell and hit me on the temple. I  felt very peculiar for a few days and it hurt when I moved/opened my jaw. I had a cranial session with Alexandra which was amazing. My  jaw moved so much better after the first treatment and I felt much more myself. After the second treatment I felt  much recovered from this very frightening incident. Alexandra said that the branch had hit the front of my Temporal bone, just in front of my left ear and not directly on the sphenoid bone at the temple. This was lucky as it could have been much more serious if the sphenoid had been hit with such impact. I was very impressed and relieved at how effective these two treatments were, as well as grateful to feel so much better on all levels.

Emma Pickering - Headaches

I have been suffering from headaches for over twenty years, but recently I was in constant pain for 5 weeks.  I tried a session with Alexandra and the headaches just stopped.  Alexandra worked very gently around the eyes, forehead and temple area.  I went back for one more session to deepen the release work.  It has been four weeks now and I have not had a headache since.

Victoria Brooke -  Resolving Ear Problem

For 40 years I’ve had ears that `itched’ deep inside and made a `rushing’ noise when I bent forward.  I had tried everything to resolve the problem with no success until I contacted Alexandra.

The day after my first cranial treatment I found that the `rushing’ noise had gone and that the pressure in the ears was the same both sides.  I was totally amazed! Alexandra advised me to have a follow-up treatment to support the first session, which I did.  I am still enjoying clear ears.

Sam Abrahams - Baby Treatment with Ava

Ava was a baby that would not settle and seemed uncomfortable.  In the first session there was a lot of release work around her right ear where the forceps had been.  The following week she seemed more settled.  During the next three sessions there was more release including the left temple and cheek-bone, where the other side of the forceps had been. 

After the third session there were nights when Ava slept right through, and if she did wake up she went back to sleep much more easily.  I was delighted with the results.

Katrina Higham -  Realignment

My introduction to Cranial Therapy was in Hong Kong after my son, aged 10, had broken his leg.  Because of his age we were told he would not need any physio once the cast was taken off.  However, he would often go over on his ankle after this.  I tried a Cranial Therapist and after 2 sessions his ankle never gave way again. It was like magic.  Then in Swanage my younger son hurt his coccyx: one cranial session with Alexandra and he was back to normal.  I have been having cranial sessions on and off with Alexandra for the past five years for various aches and pains.  It has always totally worked for me.