More About Cranial Work

Craniosacral therapy works on all areas of the body and not just the head, spine and sacrum.  These areas are the central core of the body with which all other parts interact.

Cranial work was developed from Osteopathy during the last century by the American Osteopath, William Sutherland.  He started to approach the restrictions, compressions and misalignments in the body with a gentler method.  He found that this deepened physical release as the body was in a more relaxed state. 

When you attend a treatment there is a consultation for about 30 minutes for the first treatment to find out the full history of your problem.  On follow-up treatments there is usually a 15 minute catch up at the beginning to find out how you are. There is also about a 15 minute discussion after the treatment to discuss what happened during the session. A treatment last about an hour when you are actually lying on the couch. People are always surprised how relaxed and comfortable they feel.

When you receive a treatment you remain fully clothed and lie on a treatment couch, covered with a blanket.

Dawn Beuscher - Headaches
I first went to see Alexandra for headaches and migraines. I had suffered from them for years, but I decided to see her because I was beginning to get a migraine about once a week. These migraines were beginning to last 2 - 3 days. I also hold a lot of tension in my shoulders exacerbated by sitting at a desk a lot of the time at work.

After a couple of sessions the frequency of my migraines reduced. I continued to see Alexandra for 6 sessions which helped them improve further. I then began to have only the occasional session if I could feel stress building up from work. I have found Cranial work so beneficial and so much more effective than anything else I've tried. I haven't had a migraine for months now.
If you suffer from this debilitating problem I very much recommend you try some sessions, as it has really worked for me.